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Find PHYTEC at the next trade show or training in 2017. We will help you find a suitable platform for your application, to extend your knowledge and find out about the best hardware and software solutions.
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11.10.2017, Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany


PHYTEC INDIA - Newsletter July 2017

Read the PHYTEC July 2017 newsletter that introduces the phyCORE-i.MX 6UL SOM, Ready i.MX 6UL SBC, Handheld POS / Micro ATM Motherboard (Off-the-Shelf) solution and Ready & Custom Build Industrial IoT Gateway solution here.

PHYTEC INDIA - Newsletter July 2016

Read the PHYTEC July 2016 newsletter that introduces the phyCORE-i.MX7 SOM, phyCORE-AM57x SOM and Reference design solution SBC here.

Press Releases

Press Releases


PHYTEC launches the Handheld POS, Micro ATM Motherboard Solution and Custom Build Industrial IoT Gateway.

India – Aug. 10, 2017 —PHYTEC SOMs are designed to accelerate product development cycles, while providing access to new technologies to successfully address significant challenges and design complexities for embedded systems product designers.


PHYTEC launches the phyCORE-i.MX6UL System on Module (SOM) and phyBOARD®-i.MX6UL Segin Single Board Computer (SBC) based on NXP i.MX6UL Series Applications Processors

Mainz, India – Aug. 10, 2017 —PHYTEC adds full-featured and flexible System on Module and Single Board Computer embedded board solutions designed for low power applications..


PHYTEC launches a new – " IoT Enablement kit " featuring Texas Instruments CC2650

Mainz, India – Nov. 25, 2015 — PHYTEC enables customers to shorten time-to-market and reduce development costs due to off shelf hardware design and base software. PHYTEC is your reliable partner for integrating industrial image processing capabilities into your application. IoT includes PhyWave and PhyGate.

PHYTEC introduces Cosmic Board – a low cost ARM® Linux Embedded Development Kit for Freescale® AM335x controller solutions starting at INR:4,800/-

Mainz, India – September 9, 2013 — PHYTEC introduces Cosmic Board for phyCORE®-AM335x – bringing the power of AM335x controller solutions to a low cost platform.

PHYTEC and Timesys Announce Embedded Software Solution for Products Designed with phyCORE Vybrid System on Module (SOM)

Munich, Germany & Pittsburg, PA – February 27, 2013 — Comprehensive hardware and software solution support for Freescale Vybrid™ family of Controller Solutions.

PHYTEC Announces the phyCORE®-OMAP5430 Processor-Based System-on-Module

Munich, Germany – November 12, 2012 — The phyCORE®-OMAP5430 SOM speeds design efforts and offers a tremendous opportunities for embedded designers that require high performance with high power efficiency.

Recent Trade Shows

India Electronics Week (IEW) 2017

PHYTEC India participated in EFY India Electronics Week (IEW)-2017@BIEC on March 02nd to 04th, Demonstrated and Displayed SOM’s, SBC’s, IoT Kit (Internet of Things), Product Solutions and demonstrated different Demos on IoT such as BLE based IoT with Android Gateway, 6loWPAN based IoT with Embedded Linux Gateway, BLE based IoT with Embedded Linux Gateway, Product Solutions Linux POS etc.

Recent Workshops

IoT Tech Day @ Venture Center, Pune on 11th Feb 2016

PHYTEC India participated in EFY India Electronics Week (IEW)-2016 @BIEC on January 11th to 13th, Demonstrated and Displayed SOM,Rana, Wega AM335x, Subra, Mira, RDK, IoT Kit (Internet of Things) and demonstrated different Demos on IoT such as BLE based IoT with Android Gateway, 6loWPAN based IoT with Embedded Linux Gateway , BLE based IoT with Embedded Linux Gateway etc.