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PHYTEC at a glance

  • Year of Foundation: 1986 
  • CEO: Michael Mitezki 
  • Employees: approx. 200
  • Core competency: Development and production of hard- and software for embedded systems for industrial use
  • Service provider of embedded turnkey solutions
  • Provider of industrial embedded imaging solutions
  • Module supplier for OEM applications
  • Internet of Things developer
  • In-house production at headquarters in Mainz, Germany
  • Global corporation with subsidiaries in the United States, France, India and China
PHYTEC Headquarters in Mainz, Germany
PHYTEC Headquarters in Mainz, Germany


PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH:

PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH is the largest entity within the PHYTEC Technologie Holding AG.

PHYTEC develops and produces microprocessor-based solutions for the global, industrial embedded market at its headquarters in Mainz. 

Our range of products and services includes System on Modules / Computer on Modules, Single Board Computers and custom products as well as housing design and assembly for turnkey solutions. PHYTEC also offers solutions for Internet of Things and Embedded Imaging as well as hardware specific software.

The majority family-owned enterprise PHYTEC employs more than 200 people in 5 locations worldwide.

PHYTEC solutions have been deployed in thousands of systems across a wide range of industries and applications, such as control and automation, medical, test and measurement, automotive, energy, transportation and more. Typical series production quantities range between 100 and several tens of thousands of products per year.

We provide end to end solutions for companies seeking full product development support from a single source, enabling our customers to shorten time-to-market, to reduce development costs and to avoid substantial design risks for their products.


PHYTEC employs more than 200 people at five operational divisions:

We develop and also produce at our corporate headquarters in Mainz, Germany. This has been a conscious decision. All main departments such as purchasing, development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing and even bookkeeping are located at headquarters. PHYTEC's advantage is increased flexibility due to high level of communication between development and manufacturing teams. Our customers are at the center of our business. 

PHYTEC offers direct sales to Poland and Russia from headquarters in Germany and has distributors in markets all over the world - including Australia, Great Britain, Benelux and Turkey.

Still today PHYTEC is a family business. We place a strong emphasis on employee satisfaction, a healthy company growth as well as socially responsible corporate management. PHYTEC fosters a flat organizational hierarchy as well as an open book management approach that is part of our lean management philosophy. Staff turnover is very low, which attests to our corporate culture.

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Company Structure

Founded in 1986, PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH is the largest entity within the PHYTEC Technologie Holding AG. PHYTEC remains a majority family-owned enterprise, with minority ownership shares held by the managers of our operational divisions in Germany, North America, France, and India. With no debt or external financing, PHYTEC has funded its continued growth and expanding international presence entirely through operations.


As a global family business, we take responsibility for all stakeholders. With no debt and an equity ratio of over 68% (in 2013) PHYTEC is financially independent and remains a majority family-owned enterprise with minority ownership shares held by the managers of our operational divisions. This safeguards our success, renders PHYTEC a highly stable employer, and makes us a reliable and crisis-proof partner for our customers. Even during the economic turmoil of recent years we have demonstrated that our goals and values are long-term and provided superior short-term stability.  

The basis for this sustained growth is our mission to provide our customers with better performance and sustainable competitiveness by consistently offering products and services based on the newest embedded technologies.

Financials & Growth

PHYTEC has achieved positive operating results during the past 15 years. PHYTEC pursues a strategy of expansion based on continued healthy, organic growth.

Our engaged employees anticipate market trends, find innovative solutions and secure decisive competitive advantages for our customers as well as PHYTEC. Optimized use of the newest embedded technology advances leads to prolonged product life-cycles and maximized returns on development investments. PHYTEC has doubled its overall financial performance over the last five years. In 2014 worldwide sales have exceeded 29 million Euro.

PHYTEC Messtechnik Sales in 2015
PHYTEC Messtechnik Sales in 2015