Bringing designs to life

PHYTEC has an annual production throughput of over 250,000 assemblies. Our manufacturing equipment, ISO 9001/2008-certified processes, cost model and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system enables us to cost-effectively and flexibly manage high-mix, low-to-medium volume (HMLV) manufacturing. This HMLV approach best supports our wide product palette, as well as best meets the delivery demands, quality requirements and customization needs of our diverse customer base.

Personnel are specifically trained for SMD, through-hole, inspection and test functions of our production process. PHYTEC is committed to consistently high quality assurance for all production runs, whether small production batches numbering in the dozens to volume output of thousands of units.

SMT Production

Screen Printers:

  • 2 fully automatic EKRA screen printers with built-in stencil cleaning paste and 2 1/2D visual inspection

Pic n’ Place Insertion Machines:

  • 1 Samsung SM411 insertion machine, built in 2010
    • 2 portals with 6 heads each
    • nominal loading capacity of up to 42,000 CPH per IPC 8950
    • + / - 50 microns at 3 sigma (chip)
  • 3 Samsung SM421 insertion machines, built in 2010 and 2011
    • 6 heads each
    • nominal loading capacity of up to 21,000 CPH per IPC 8950
    • + / - 50 microns at 3 sigma (chip) and + / - 30 microns at 3 sigma (QFP)
  • Intelligent feeders and Samsung EasyOLP line management

Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering Systems:

  • 2 ASSCON VP-2000 double-track line soldering for lead-free solder (230 °C medium)
  • 1 ASSCON VP-56 batch soldering system configured for leaded solder (200 °C medium)
  • 1 ASSCON VP-53 batch soldering system configured for lead-free solder (230 °C medium)

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI):

  • Viscom inspection systems with 1 orthogonal and 4 oblique cameras
  • Each solder joint is checked for solder paste printing, short circuit, cold solder joints, tombstones, reverse polarity, and shift


  • Phoenix Microme x-ray system built in 2010
  • 1% of all hardware on our lines are x-rayed for identification of missing of fillets, pores and voids, solder, and icicling
  • Maximum inspection area of 610 x 560 mm, detail detectability of <1μ, and maximum tube voltage of 180 kV / 20 W
  • Automatic calculation of pore structures for multichip
  • Oblique 0 °C - 70 °C, rotation 0 °C - 360 °C

THT production

Wave Soldering:

  • 2 wave soldering machines (ERSA EWS-330) with spray fluxer
  • System configured for conventional leaded solder
  • System with nitrogen and titanium pot cover configured for lead-free SAC solder
  • ZipaTec Select 250 selective solder pot changes for conventional solder and lead-free SAC solder



  • Boundary Scan test systems
  • Göpel proprietary framework for functional testing



Quality Control

PHYTEC's internal quality control program encompasses all material, labor and production inputs. Our qualifications and standards include:

  • ISO9001:2008
  • 100% Traceability
  • RoHS-compliance
  • WEEE
  • IPC-600A-F class 2, 3 PCBsv
  • IPC-610A-D class 2 assembly
  • No-Clean processes per J-STD-004 standards.
  • VDA, KTA140