Embedded Imaging Kits


Development kits for systems with digital cameras. 

All PHYTEC Embedded Imaging kits include all required components for integrating imaging into your application. Due to the flexible standardized camera interfaces camera features can still be adjusted during the design phase. 

Software drivers are included    


PHYTEC development kits include the appropriate software drivers to access the camera modules from your own application. Depending on the operating system, you can access the camera drivers via Linux V4L2 or via Windows CE DirectShow.

To test the camera functions or to display an image, PHYTEC provides demo applications. The applications access the standard interface of the camera driver.

This way image data streams are transmitted and displayed. Users can also store single images or image sequences in various formats. For Linux, these are scripts for the popular GStreamer. For WinCE PHYTEC included a demo application and its source code that is written in C++.

The development kits can also be combined with other phyCAM cameras.

Embedded Imaging Kits