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Fusion between flexibility, scalability, and compatibility – phyFLEX SOMs are the modern successors of the phyCARD product family. phyFLEX SOMs offer optimal and transparent processor feature utilization through its three connectors: Connector 1 is the phyFLEX standardized connector, providing 100% compatibility up and down the phyFLEX family. Connector 2 provides standardization to pin position, but not always 100% compatible of features across the phyFLEX family. 

ARM Connector

Connector 3 is the “wild card” connector with processor specific features at no standardized position. This connector enables customers to utilize the newest functionalities in case of a processor upgrade. 

Your advantage: competitive series products with upgrade option.

Depending on the application only one, two or all three connectors can be utilized.

phyFLEX Products