Operating Systems:


You can't afford to start from scratch: PHYTEC chips all SOMs with hardware specific Board Support Packages (BSP). PHYTEC BSPs maximize your productivity and deliver a complete platform on which to build your device. 

Our BSPs are deployed in a wide variety of customer devices, we make every effort to ensure robust feature sets, high quality and reliability, and smart tools to enable fast time-to-market for our customers. A BSP includes all necessary software components and prepares them to be application development-ready, so that the only task left to the user is integrating their application. This way, our customers can focus on their core competencies while we take care of the rest.

PHYTEC supports Linux, Windows Embedded and Android BSPs
PHYTEC supports Linux, Windows Embedded and Android BSPs

Driver Adaptation

Upon request, PHYTEC also adapts drivers for customer products that are necessary when using our circuitry. PHYTEC's ready-made hard- and software solutions help you to get to market faster while reducing development costs.

Realtime Linux and Windows Embedded

PHYTEC supports the following operating systems: real-time Linux (the most reliable, innovative, inexpensive and manufacturer independent method) and Windows Embedded (for a quick start-up due its well-known look and feel). Our 8-person development team supports all BSPs in close contact with the hardware development team.

Chip Manufacturer Partnership

PHYTEC customers receive early-access to our new hardware to start application development. Chip manufacturers also benefit from this cooperation and support us as multipliers for the industrial embedded market. We ensure availability of highest quality and cutting-edge software through extensive software tests as well as semi-annual releases. Our product change management efforts monitor any component changes and undertake the necessary steps for eventual BSP modifications.

Other Operating System

Other operating systems such as QNX for select modules are supported by our partner companies. PHYTEC then supports the implementation and maintenance.