phyCORE®-i.MX 91/93
Arm® Cortex®-A55/-M33

High processing power, low power consumption, pin-compatible with i.MX 6UL/ULL and STM32MP13x SOMs for scalable applications.

  • Can be equipped with NXP i.MX 91 or i.MX 93
    • i.MX 91, 1x cortex®-A55 with up to 1,5GHz
    • i.MX 93, 2x cortex®-A55 up to 1,7GHz; real-time MCU; NPU
  • Pin compatible to phyCORE-i.MX 6UL/ULL and phyCORE-STM32MP13x
    • One endpoint design for scalable performance from 1330 DMIPS up to 9000 DMIPS
    • Start of development with cost-optimized design and expansion over the course of the product life cycle
  • Advanced hardware security
    • Advanced security with built-in EdgeLock® Secure Enclave
    • Tamper, WDT, temperature and voltage monitoring
  • Integrated functionality
    • up to 256GB TLC eMMC
    • On-board Ethernet PHY and voltage converter circuitry
    • 159-pin DSC layout supports dual LAN, dual USB, dual
      CAN FD, UART, I2S /SAI, 12-bit ADC, parallel LCD,
      camera etc
    • Dimensions 36mm x 36mm, low profile (approx. 3mm)
  • Development advantages
    • Fully customized Linux® operating system
    • FCC/CE product reference circuit
    • Worldwide technical support
    • Rapid Development Kits available from 09/2023.

36mm x 36mm x 3mm

i.MX 91: Arm Cortex-A55
i.MX 93: Arm Cortex-A55/-M33

The phyCORE-i.MX 91/93 can be equipped with both the i.MX 91 and the i.MX 93 from the i.MX 9x family from NXP. Thanks to the innovative Energy Flex architecture from NXP, the module with both processors offers high computing power with low energy consumption. The integrated EdgeLock® Secure Enclave allows security features such as lifecycle management, tamper detection, secure booting and a simplified path to certifications. Measuring only 36 mm x 36 mm, the module enables the development of powerful, cost-effective and energy-efficient applications.

The SoM is fully pin-compatible with the best-selling phyCORE-i.MX 6UL/ULL and the new phyCORE-STM32MP13x. On the one hand, this offers the possibility of using the phyCORE-i.MX 91/93 as a successor to the i.MX 6UL/ULL in order to extend the lifespan of the entire product or to upgrade it to higher computing power and additional features such as machine learning. On the other hand, the pin compatibility with the new phyCORE-STM32MP13x allows new projects to decide on one of the platforms after evaluating the performance requirements. Even the development of different end product variants with different performance classes and features, ie applications that are scalable in terms of price/performance ratio, is possible. The new phyCORE-i.MX 91/93 offers upgrade paths, scalable computing power and access to the latest technologies, while at the same time maintaining the longevity of Productsn and applications ensures and improves.

The fully industrial grade phyCORE-i.MX 91/93 is characterized by its price-optimized bill of material. Thanks to Direct Solder Connect technology, the module is suitable for large-scale production and the manufacturing costs of the end application are significantly reduced.


Product presentation of the phyCORE-i.MX 93 at Embedded World 2023

Bold characters mark differences between SOMs with i.MX 91 and SOMs with i.MX 93
Processor i.MX 91 i.MX 93
Core 1x 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A55 up to 2x 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A55
Coprocessor - Arm® Cortex®-M33
Clock frequency up to 1.4 GHz (A55) up to 1.7 GHz (A55), up to 250 MHz (M33)
Cache L1: 32 kB instruction / 32 kB data (A55)
L2: 256 kB (A55)
L1: 32 kB instruction / 32 kB data (A55), 32 kB (M33)
L2: 64 kB per core (A55)
L3: 256 kB cluster (A55)
Internal RAM 384 kB SRAM 640 kB SRAM
Processor extension Arm® NEON™ and Arm® TrustZone® Arm® NEON™ and Arm® TrustZone®
AI / ML - Arm® Ethos™-U65 microNPU
HW Security Secure boot, TrustZone®, SNVS, SRTC, EdgeLock® secure enclave Secure boot, TrustZone®, SNVS, SRTC, EdgeLock® secure enclave
HW Crypto Accelerator yes yes
Flash up to 256 GB TLC eMMC up to 256 GB TLC eMMC
LPDDR4 512 MB up to 2 GB 16-bit bus width 512 MB up to 2 GB 16-bit bus width
EEPROM 4 kB up to 32 kB 4 kB up to 32 kB
Ethernet 1x 10/100 Mbit/s (on-board PHY) / 1x GbE (RMII) (optional RGMII with TSN Support) 1x 10/100 Mbit/s (on-board PHY) / 1x GbE (RMII) (optional RGMII with TSN Support)
USB 2x 2.0 host / OTG 2x 2.0 host / OTG
UART 3x (up to 8) 3x (up to 8)
CAN 1x (up to 2) CAN FD 1x (up to 2) CAN FD
I²C 1x (up to 8) (2x I3C) 1x (up to 8) (2x I3C)
SPI 1x (up to 8) 1x (up to 8)
MMC/SD/SDIO 1x (up to 2) 1x (up to 2)
PWM 1x (up to 8) 1x (up to 8)
A/D 3-channel, 12-bit 3-channel,12-bit
Display 1x parallel up to 24-bit 1x parallel up to 24-bit (optional LVDS)
Audio 3x I²S/SAI, 1x S/PDIF, PDM input 3x I²S/SAI, 1x S/PDIF, PDM input
Camera -, (optional 1x parallel up to 8-bit) 1x MIPI CSI-2 (1080p60), (optional 1x parallel up to 8-bit)
Debugging JTAG JTAG
Dimensions 36 mm x 36 mm x 3 mm 36 mm x 36 mm x 3 mm
Weight approx. 6.2 g approx. 6.2 g
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C -40 °C to +85 °C
Humidity 95 % rF non condensing 95 % rF non condensing
Operating voltage 3.3 V 3.3 V
Power consumption typ. tbd. tbd.
Connector 159 plated half-holes, 1 mm pitch 159 plated half-holes, 1 mm pitch
Operating system Linux (Yocto based) Linux (Yocto based)
Real-time operating system freeRTOS freeRTOS

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phyCORE®-i.MX 93

Item No. PCL-077

phyCORE®-i.MX 93 Kit

Item No. KPB-02029

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