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Voice Control Kits

for embedded systems

Voice operation: integrated voice control with voice INTER connect and optional adaptive Beamforming


voice INTER connect and PHYTEC have jointly developed a voice control system for embedded systems. For this, the vicCONTROL industrial voice control of voice INTER connect was integrated on the phyBOARD-Mira. This industrial solution requires no Internet connection after implementation and is thus suitable for data protection-sensitive projects. Conventional operating methods can be extended by voice control easily and inexpensively. Hands-free input systems, intuitive controls, and vandal-proof user interfaces can be implemented.

Advantages and applications:

  • Addition of voice-controlled GUIs
  • Hands-free control of machines and systems
  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Suitable for data protection-sensitive projects (usable without internet connection)
  • Over 30 national languages
  • Voice control Kits with demo application

Voice control demo

Embedded Voice Control with vicCONTROL industrial and phyBOARD-Mira

Range of functions and components

The custom application for voice control is created using the PC-based development environment vicDM-Designer. The created speech dialogues and operating sequences are loaded onto the embedded system and processed locally by vicCONTROL industrial. In terms of performance, vicCONTROL industrial is in no way inferior to cloud-based speech recognizers such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Home and is furthermore available in 30 national languages.


vicCONTROL industrial

  • SDK for embedded ARMv7 compatible platforms
  • Convenient API for using voice input and output via MQTT
  • Web browser based dialog designer "vicDM Designer" with examples for developing custom voice control
  • Industry proven quality in 30 national languages
  • Wake-up Word feature
  • Semantic evaluation of recognized speech commands

Runtime system requirements

  • Runtime: approx. 6 MByte
  • Language model: max. 6.0 MByte per language
  • Application-specific language resources:
    approx. 10 kByte simple command control with 10 words
    approx. 500 kByte comprehensive command control with 1000 words
  • Main memory: approx. 10 MByte (depending on the application)
  • Computational requirements: approx. 400 MIPS for real-time processing

Voice Control Kits

With the voice control kits using i.MX 6 processor, vicCONTROL industrial is ready-to-use out of the box. These kits allow a direct integration into an application development and demonstrates the performance of the system based on the demos. 

Two kit variants are available: the Voice Control Kit 1 with voice recognition adapter and two microphones for echo- and noise suppression, and the Voice Control Kit 2 with additional adaptive Beamforming. This allows for the acoustic detection of the person speaking and the greatest possible suppression of ambient noise. Thus it is also suitable for use in loud environments. The microphone array with seven microphones can also be positioned remotely (connection via RS485 or Ethernet).

Voice Control Kit 1: phyBOARD-Mira with voice recognition adapter
Voice Control Kit 2: phyBOARD-Mira, voice recognition adapter and microphone array board

Beamforming with vicDIVA

This video demonstrates the use and performance of Beamforming using vicDIVA.

Technical Data

Features\Name Voice control kit 1 Voice control kit 2
Info phyBOARD-Mira with Voice Recognition Adapter and two microphones, incl. audio codec for guided dialogues via voice output phyBOARD-Mira with Voice Recognition Adapter and a separate microphone array with 7 microphones. Additional functionality: adaptive Beamforming
phyBOARD-Mira with phyCORE-i.MX 6 Quad Core, 1 GHz with phyCORE-i.MX 6 Quad Core, 1 GHz
PEB-AV-07 Voice Recognition Adapter 2x I²S / TDM Output Digital Microphones 2x I²S / TDM Output Digital Microphones
7"EDT Display AV158 7"EDT Display AV158
I²C Capacitive Touch I²C Capacitive Touch
Stereo Audio Codec TLV320AIC 3007 Stereo Audio Codec TLV320AIC 3007
Stereo Audio Jack Stereo Audio Jack
Loudspeaker Connector (Mono Class-D 1W BTL 80hm) Loudspeaker Connector (Mono Class-D 1W BTL 80hm)
20-pin 1.27 mm Pitch SMD Connector (Paired Cable: WF100) 20-pin 1.27mm Pitch SMD Connector (Paired Cable: WF100)
Microphone Array Board 70 mm Diameter Round Board
7x I²S / TDM Output Digital Microphone Array
2x Push Button
12 x RGB LEDs
Half-Duplex RS485 Transceiver
10-pin 1.27 mm Pitch SMD RS485 Connector (Paired Cable: WF258
33-pin 0.5 mm Pitch Connector (Connection with PG-004003 IOT Gateway, Paired Cable: WF250)
20-pin 1.27mm Pitch SMD Connector (Paired Cable: WF100)

Pricing plus VAT

22,900 INR
24,900 INR

The step to series and individual developments



The phyBOARD Mira is cost-optimized, suitable for series and industrial use. This Board is well-stocked and can be used directly in your project - including the voice control of voice INTER connect. Of course, we can also adapt the single board computer to your specifications or develop completely individual electronics, including a BSP, for you. Upon request, we can also take over commissioning, EMC and environmental tests as well as stability tests of the software, etc.

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