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ARM CortexTM-A15 System on Module

  • supports up to 1.5 GHz processing performance
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ARM CortexTM-A15 System on Module

  • supports up to 1.5 GHz processing performance


The phyCORE-AM57x System on Module supports Texas Instruments Single- and Dualcore, pin compatible, ARM® Cortex™-A15 based solutions. Best-in-class CPU performance is complemented by high performance 2D/3D graphics, advanced video accelerator supporting 1080p, and a rich peripheral set. With TI's C66x DSPs built into the silicon, available low-latency Industrial Communication System (PRU-ICSS) and the rugged PCB interconnects of PHYTEC SOMs the phyCORE-AM57x SOM is aimed at advanced system developers looking to use SOMs in mission-critical applications that must endure extreme industrial environments.

phyCORE-AM57x is designed for Human Machine Interface, Aviation Control, Industrial Automation, Machine Vision, Medical Imaging und Networking applications.

Supported Processor

The Texas Instruments’ AM57x family of applications processors leads the Sitara™ family with 10,500 DMIPs and each Core running up to 1.5 GHz. With single and dual core offerings, the fully integrated mixed processor solution features the ARM® Cortex™-A15 and ARM® Cortex™-M4 as well as two TI C66x DSP cores and PRU-ICSS for real time-time control.

Optional Features

Depending on the processor variant, the processor has the following optional features:

  • Display and 3D graphics acceleration
  • Video / audio input
  • Supports all industrial protocols (PRU-ISS)  
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to 105°C 

SOM Highlights

SOM highlights:

  •     Dual/Single-Core ARM Cortex™ A15
  •     2D/3D high performance graphics
  •     Advanced Video Accelerator with 1080p
  •     PRU-ICSS
  •     Dual C66x DSP
  •     Dimensions: 45 mm x 55 mm
  •     Supports Linux/Yocto

Technical Details

phyCORE-AM57x Linux Rapid Development Kit
Processor TI Sitara AM5726/8 TI Sitara AM5728
Architecture ARM Cortex A15 ARM Cortex A15
Bit width 32 bit 32 bit
Clock frequency Dual Core @ 1.5 GHz Dual Core @ 1.5 GHz
DSP Dual Core @ 750 MHz Dual Core @ 750 MHz
L1 Cache 32 kB 32 kB
L2 Cache 2 MB 2 MB
internal RAM 64 kB for Coprocessor M4 64 kB for Coprocessor M4
MMU Yes Yes
FPU Yes Yes
Crypto Yes Yes
Watchdog Yes Yes
General usage Dual ARM® Cortex™-M4 Dual ARM® Cortex™-M4
Image and Video Accelator IVA-HD 1080P IVA-HD 1080P
3D Graphics Processing Unit SGX544 SGX544
2D Graphics Accelerator GC320 GC320
NAND 256 MB ...2 GB -
NOR 4 MB...16 MB 16 MB
eMMC 2 GB...32 GB 4 GB
DDR3 512 MB...4 GB 1 GB
EEPROM 4 kB 4 kB
MMC / SD / SDIO 4 2
PCle Gen 2 2 PCIe connectors
SATA / SATA2 1x 2.0 up to 3Gbps SATA connectors
RS-232 2x RS-232 debug serial ports
USB 1x USB 3.0 1x USB 2.0 1x USB 3.0 1x USB 2.0
UARTs 10 2
I2C 5 4
I2S 6
Audio Ports 8 Stereo input and output jacks
SPI 4 3
CAN 2 2
Network 2x Gigabit Ethernet Switch 1 PHY on SOM 2x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Multimedia 3x LCD outputs, 1x HDMI LCD and micro HDMI interface
LCD Interface HDMI/ 24 bit parallel HDMI/ 24 bit parallel
Display 1080p Full HD (1920x1080) -
Touch - Yes
Audio 4x McASP McASP
Camera parallel parallel
Misc McASP, QSPI, Watchdog, PWM, GPIO, Keyboard, JTAG
RTC Yes Yes
PWM 3 2
GPMC Yes Yes
Keyboard Yes
JTAG Yes JTAG connector
Power supply 3.3 V, (5V USB) 3.3 V, (5V USB)
Dimension 45mm x 55mm 45mm x 55mm
Connectors Samtec 2x160 polig, 0.5 mm pitch Samtec 2x 160 polig, 0.5mm pitch
Pin Count 320 pins 320
Temperature grade I Temp I Temp
Linux Kernel v3.14 and BSP v3.14 and BSP
Linaro Toolchain Supported Supported
Yocto Project Supported Supported
Kit Content phyCORE-AM57x System on Module (PCM-057-41230111C), phyCORE-AM57x Carrierboard (PCM-948), serial cable (RS-232), Ethernet cable, AC adapter supplying 12VDC / min. 2A, Linux Yocto Project BSP
Part Number PCM-057 KPCM-057-Lin

Pricing plus VAT

SOM Linux Rapid Development Kit



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