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From Sensor to Cloud

PHYTEC’s concept to provide a complete solution for cloud-connected sensor nodes


Data acquisition, processing, and visualization are basic tasks of modern embedded systems. Connecting to a cloud that takes over parts of these tasks or from which embedded systems are managed is a further logical development. Radio modules, gateways, and radio nodes for networked applications have long been part of PHYTEC's hardware portfolio.

It is our aim to react to your specific requirements and also to consider the needs of your applications in all of our future offerings. This corresponds to our philosophy of offering standard products as either a finished solution or a starting point for customer-specific adaptations. We, therefore, plan complete solutions for collecting and evaluating data as well as for visualization in the cloud. PHYTEC is also developing an option for device management and security updates of your systems via network.

Whether you need a cloud solution for developing new electronics or for retrofitting existing devices, whether you are already planning specific applications or in an early phase of your project - talk to us about your goals or ideas and benefit from our experience from numerous customer projects.

Communication protocols

Data Acquisition

Gathering & analyzing data generated by nodes and preprocessing them in a gateway Monitoring the filtered results in a dashboard in the cloud

Operating systems:

  • Nodes: centralized or mesh network with nodes using a Zephyr™ based operating system
  • Gateway: using a Linux® based OS with cloud-middleware and data-preprocessing



  • Authentication using key-pairs
  • Encrypted communication between all devices and the Cloud
  • Secure devices (Secure Boot, Tamper Protection, …)

Sensor Node - reel board

reel board - Nordic nRF52840

I‘m equipped with an Epaper Display, environmental sensors, and Bluetooth connectivity. Explore the world of low-power solutions with me and Zephyr OS.

  • Battery powered sensor node
  • Low power, low cost HMI for remote control or environmental sensor monitoring
  • Interactive badge for the meetings and conferences
  • Product, name or price tag
  • Just a temperature and humidity sensor on your table
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Sensor Node


Industrial IoT Gateway ( Ready to Deploy )

The phyBOARD-Regor is designed for various Industrial 4.0 applications with it's rich features and is Ready to Deploy

  • SOM is based on the phyCORE-AM335x from Texas Instruments
  • DIN rail SBC
  • 1x CAN, 1x RS485, 2x RS232
  • 2x Ethernet (10/100)
  • 4x Digital I/Os
  • 1x microSD
  • 1x microUSB OTG
  • Additional Interfaces on expansion bus
  • Radio Interfaces: Global 2G / 3G / 4G / LTE / NB-IoT & SIM Slot
  • Software: Linux/ Yocto
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