Windows BSP

Windows BSP

PHYTEC is a full solution provider for the implementation of Windows Embedded. Windows Embedded extends the power of Windows to embedded systems. Windows Embedded CE and Compact 7 are componentized, real-time operating systems that deliver rich application experiences of Microsoft Silverlight and seamless connections Windows 7-based PCs, servers and online services. PHYTEC offers a rich set of integrated software components packaged in an easy-to-use development environment for board-level driver and application development.

Our Windows Embedded kits include a Windows Embedded evaluation version. It includes VisualStudio and Platform Builder. The latter is an integrated development environment (IDE) for managing catalog items such as drivers, Windows DLLs and other functional components. Once a catalog has been compiled, a binary BSP is generated.

Product-ready Drivers

The main advantage of deploying a PHYTEC SOM is the availability of industrial-grade and production-ready drivers for the many features for our hardware. 

Platform Builder

Platform Builder simplifies changes to the composition of elements of the binary BSP. Even custom drivers can be added. Platform builder can also establish a connection to customer hardware in order to transmit and test the BSP.  KITL is used on a driver-level. Active Sync is used for debugging on an application-level. It is not included in the kit.

Software Development Kit

In addition to the Binary BSP PHYTEC offers a matching Software Development Kit (SDK) for its BSPs. It is used for programming extended software applications and includes among other things all BSP header data.

Up-to-date BSPs

PHYTEC's distribution is built upon the work by the semiconductor manufacturers. They use the most current version of a Windows Embedded CE for a given processor. 

Run-Time licenses are provided individually scaled to the respective customer application.