Linux BSP


Open source software brings power and freedom to development projects and is a compelling choice for companies wanting to avoid the software-license businesses model, but open source also brings challenges as it relies on a community of volunteer developers. PHYTEC is an advocate for Linux for the industrial embedded market. We offer both Mainline as well as manufacturer BSPs as the base for our Board Support Packages. We always select the option that our customers will benefit from the most. 

As a founding member of The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) and a contributor to mainline, PHYTEC helps our customers navigate the open source community and successfully bring industrial embedded Linux projects to the market. We close the gap between the chip manufacturer implementation and your hardware. We also modify custom Carrier Boards upon request. PHYTEC customers benefit from the mainline early on by receiving continuous support for later mainline kernel versions.

OSADL Founding Member

PHYTEC is a founding member of OSADL, which is a cooperative that promotes open source usage for industrial applications. We are involved in planning and implementing standards and functionalities such as real-time Linux for use in industrial applications. PHYTEC and OSADL both share the commitment to bring more functionalities to the mainline. We are actively involved in setting trends in Embedded Linux and benefit from the extensive OSADL analyses in regard to Mainline functionalities and hardware support.    

Legal Aspects

We are happy to assist you should you have any questions about usage of open source software for industrial applications.