Production in Mainz, Germany


AT PHYTEC we bring designs to life. Our company philosophy includes a in-house production at our headquarters in Mainz, Germany. Our manufacturing equipment, ISO 9001/2008-certified processes, cost model and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system enables us to cost-effectively and flexibly manage high-mix, low-to-medium volume (HMLV) manufacturing. This HMLV approach best supports our wide product palette, as well as best meets the delivery demands, quality requirements and customization needs of our diverse customer base.

PHYTEC Production
In-house Production at PHYTEC
In-house Production at PHYTEC

Production Capacity


In addition to PHYTEC's own production needs, our production capacity is reserved for customer projects. We offer competitive pricing and due to our flexible shift operation management we can react quickly to changes in demand.


PHYTEC's cutting-edge technology and highest quality equipment guarantee an excellent level of production quality and efficiency. We will be happy to show you around our production hall during your next visit at PHYTEC headquarters.

Machinery Detailed Information
3 Pasten SMD Production printers Fully automatic EKRA screen printers
1 Dispencer Camalot 1818, built in 1999
1 Lotpasten-
KY-3020T, built in 2009
6 Samsung insertion machines 1 x SM411, built in 2010, 2 portals with 6 heads each, nominal loading capacity of up to 42,000 CPH
3 x SM421, built in 2010 and 2011 with up to 21.000 CPH, Intelligent feeders and Samsung EasyOLP line management
1 x SM482, built in 2014 with up to 28.000 CPH
1 x SM471, built in 2015 with two portals with up to 75.000 CPH
5 ASSCON Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering Systems 2 x VP2000 double-track line soldering for lead-free solder
1 x VP2000 Solder
1 x VP-56 batch soldering system configured for leaded solder
1 x VP-53 batch soldering system configured for lead-free solder
(Automated Optical Inspection)
1 x Viscom inspection systems with 1 orthogonal and 4 oblique cameras
1 x 1 Viscom 3088 Ultra 3-D
1 x-ray system 1 x 1 Phoenix micromex x-ray system built in 2010 THT production (Through Hole Technology)
2 wave soldering machines 2 x Ersa EWS-330 with spray fluxer
2 selective soldering machines 2 x ZipaTec Select 250 selective solder pot changes for conventional solder and lead-free SAC solder
Test systems Multiple Göpel Boundary Scan Test systems
Functional testing Proprietary framework "ZEUS" for functional testing


  • We manufacture in a double-sided SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) process. 
  • Our wave soldering machines offer traditional THT (Through Hole Technologie) and our selective soldering machine offers a mixed mounting process including SMD and THT.
  • We manufacture in a no clean process according to J-STD-004.   
  • We carry out a visual inspection for every board.
  • We carry out a functional test for every board.

Production Standards

  • PCBs are manufactured externally in agreement with IPC-A-600F class 2 or class 3.
  • We manufacture our products in agreement with IPC-A-610D class 2 ‘Acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies’, new product even in agreement with class 3.
  • We manufacture in a no clean process in agreement with J-STD-004.
  • PHYTEC is certified by TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association) according to ISO 9001:2000.
  • PHYTEC has been certified according to VDA2 and KTA1401 by customers.