Custom SBCPlus - Modifiable, Fast to Market and Cost-efficient


Specify your Single Board Computer with custom hardware based on PHYTEC's SBC Design Library. Choosing our development solution generates only a fraction of the usual development cost.

SBC Design Libary

Instead of creating a completely new layout, PHYTEC can often use off-the-shelf layout blocks from the SBC Design Library to configure your custom SBC. Each existing circuit is available as a fixed layout block, which eliminates routing of completely new layouts. Likewise, this building block approach generally allows for integration of customer-specific new circuitries in design modifications with minimal effort depending on the complexity of the new circuitry. 

Development Cost

Typical projects incur one-time overall expenses of less than 5.000 Euro. Due to the off-shelf modules, development, start-up as well as EMC tests cost about 3.200 Euro. In addition, PHYTEC charges about 1.000 Euro in setup costs for setting the prototype production as well as 700 Euro for developing the series test should you decide to go into series production with PHYTEC (for up to 2.000 SBCPlus per year).

Production Rights

The SBC individually designed for you plus carrier boards can be produced at attractive conditions from PHYTEC, made ​​by yourself or be handed over to a shop of your choice. This produces no license dependencies.

Additional Services

PHYTEC also realizes software modifications upon request as well as connects resistive or capacitive touch screens and designs complete housing solutions. 

SANPURE® Abacterial Touch Displays

PHYTEC also offers antimicrobial coatings upon request. 

SANPURE® was developed by GBneuhaus GmbH and ras materials GmbH. It offers a functional coating for touch panels which prevents the spread of pathogens.  

The coating of capacitive displays was developed in cooperation with GBneuhaus GmbH. SANPURE® coatings are less than 1µm thick, transparent, chemical resistent as well as abrasion-resistent. The display haptics are not affected by the coating. 
SANPURE® kills germs and bacteria and prevents bacterial as well as microorganisms proliferation on the display interface. The silver nanoparticles that make up the coating minimize the infection risk due to their antimicrobial properties. This coating offers an additional hygiene strategy such as in between cleaning cycles.  The active substance AGPURE nano silver is registered according to EU 528/2012 (regulation N-29919, regulation. N-29916).

Possible areas for application for antimicrobial touch panels are public as well as   heavily used control panels such as those of ATMs, ticket printers or pay stations. Unlike regular metal keyboards, glass surfaces of uncoated displays are a breeding ground for bacteria or germs. SANPURE® coatings offer touch panel application solutions for hygiene-sensitive areas such as for medical devices.

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