Building Automation

Intelligent buildings

As buildings become more sophisticated and automated, there is a growing need for low cost communication and control network solutions. PHYTEC field-bus-enabled System on Modules (SOMs) allow engineers to be more flexible and to easily control equipment in building automation systems (BAS). SOMs support microprocessors with integrated Ethernet to allow users to take advantage of existing corporate networks for the main system backbone. In addition to Ethernet, Wi-Fi is an excellent backbone option for retrofit of systems where wired Ethernet is prohibitive. Wi-Fi also offers user environment control via smart phone and tablet devices. SOMs further support fieldbus communication protocols including DALI integration for lighting control, as well as bus interfaces such as CAN, UART, EtherCAT®, Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS®, PROFINET®, POWERLINK and SERCOS III. SOMs also support high resolution LCDs and touch control with Windows Embedded, Linux, and Android support for rich user interfaces on wall mounted panels.