Reduced cost systems

PHYTEC System on Modules (SOMs) offer a wealth of features to provide solutions for automotive, rail, avionic and other transportation applications.  Our SOMs support cutting-edge Power Architecture and ARM Cortex-A processors that offer advanced bus interface units for high-speed transfer between the processor and standard vehicle connectivity interfaces such as CAN, FlexRay, FlexBus, UART/LIN and Ethernet.  Deep embedded features such as PWM, ADC and Timers enable decoding for motor control; while high-end display and graphics acceleration capabilities deliver infotainment systems solutions. 

Our SOMs are available in extended operating temperature ranges and are designed to withstand vibration, shock and EMI to fulfill quality and environmental requirements of vehicular applications.  On demand, we can provide conformance to additional standards such as EN61508 Safety Integrity Levels (SIL).   Due to the scope of compliance standards and specifications in the transportation sector, legacy designs are often maintained for many years.  Accordingly, PHYTEC ensures long product life-cycles and migration paths for our SOMs.  This includes life-spans of 15 years and more to match the long-term availability of specific processors supported on our modules.

PHYTEC solutions have been deployed in applications as diverse as digital instrument clusters, automotive network analyzers, powertrain control, autonomous vehicles control, UAV and flight control systems, in-flight entertainment and cabin environment control systems, fleet management, automatic vehicle location (AVL), as well as on-board passenger information and ticketing systems.