Obsolescence Policy


PHYTEC recognizes that our products are deployed in customer applications with expected production lifetimes in excess of 10 years. While PHYTEC cannot ensure continued availability of all the components used on our products, we endeavor to ensure fully-compatible migrations paths to second source and other replacement components in the event of the obsolescence of parts used on our products. An entire PHYTEC team manages product change notifications (PCNs).


Part Discontinuation Process

We strive to ensure the long-term availability of our products and regard this as one of our most important duties as a reliable supplier of embedded solutions.

With our detailed knowledge of the electronics component market and through the following preventative measures, PHYTEC is able to remain largely immune to potential problems caused by parts cancellation and obsolescence:

  1. Close, working relationship with component manufacturers and distribution
  2. Maintenance of sufficient stock of common components
  3. Implementation of 100%-compatible second source or replacement components
  4. Lifetime Buy of discontinued or obsolete parts
  5. PCB redesign to support new parts, offering functional compatibility

Please be assured that PHYTEC will not obsolete a System on Module while the applications processor is still available. In the rare instance that a silicon vendor decides to end-of-life the applications processor, PHYTEC will receive at least 12 months notice, and typically be allowed to receive deliveries up to 18 months after the 12 month notice expires. Customers will be offered a life-time buy, or use this 18 months to transition to a new solution.