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This is an overview over PHYTEC's self help support resources.

Check out the resources below, and contact us if you need additional assistance!

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Support Package Overview

PHYTEC offers various support packages ranging from our free start-up guarantee to complex support packages with short, guaranteed response times as well as direct contact with our developers. 

Our support packages below offer a clear calculation basis with guaranteed benefits. We are eager to support you for your application.

Call us to find out more about our support offerings! 


Phone: +91-80-40867046/49

Support Package Details

Kit Start-Up Basic Advanced Premium Turn-Key
Response Time 24h 48h 24h 24h We aim to achieve 1h.
within 8 business hours.
Support Package Duration During Kit Startup 90 Days 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Development Support - 4h of support 12h of support 28h of support.
In addition to the 12h to 16h customers can also come to PHYTEC to receive direct developer support (2 days; also half-days).
100h of support.
Customers can also come to PHYTEC to receive direct support on up to 10 days (also available on a half-day basis).
(Travel expenses are charged separately)