FAE service

Agile engineering
for your project from A to Z

Determine the scope of development support yourself:

  • Project consulting, component selection, project workshop, best practice
  • Display integration, adaptation of the pinout, component testing (SW)
  • Function expansions and BSP adjustments
  • Integration of a software update process
  • Joint commissioning of yours Productss
  • Intensive training (Yocto & Linux)

You benefit from more than 35 years of experience in the development of embedded systems. Would you just like advice or would you like to use one of our wide range of support services?



Hands-on project consulting _ What challenges can we support you with?

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In the form of online hands-on project consulting, we actively support you with the knowledge of our FAE team of experts. Our goal is not only to advise you optimally and objectively in the first phase of your project, but also to bring our knowledge from the various teams of experts into your project.

The CPU market is huge and hard to keep track of. Which CPU or SOM is ideal for your project depends on many factors, not only on price and availability, but also on the performance class or the interfaces.

Choosing a component early on that already has drivers in the kernel saves valuable time in development and prevents unnecessary delays. Take advantage of our over 30 years of experience!

Your project defines which interfaces you need. But what if the CPU does not offer these interfaces at all or simply does not provide enough of them?

Our board support packages are tailored for stability and a wide range of hardware support. But sometimes you need a different kernel or Yoctoversion or your application needs a specific middleware?

Discontinuations are part of everyday life in the electronics industry - the unavailability of components is a project risk. As a PHYTEC customer, you can sleep peacefully despite all of this. We explain the advantages of PHYTEC Product Lifecycle Management to you.

Whether you need update or device management, want to take advantage of the advantages of AI or play it safe with embedded security, we have the right specialists for every future-oriented technology.

PHYTEC delivers to everyone Productsn a free Linux BSP with. We will show you how to adapt this to your customer-specific requirements in a 2-hour video conference directly on the hardware. Together we create your project-related meta layers and initialize your local Git for software version control. Not only do we provide important insights into Yocto's processes and best practices, but we also guide you through creating your own configuration or image. Together we define the todos for the device tree and explain to you how you can do them and what you need to pay attention to.

With our support, designing complex embedded hardware will be your easiest exercise. Our series-ready phyBOARDs are the perfect start to your own design, changes and adjustments are of course possible at any time. Whether you are adding another Ethernet PHY or a WLAN module, let us advise you which chips or modules have already been successfully tested with our hardware and put into operation. We would be happy to support you with specific interfaces in the form of a circuit diagram review.

Your contact person
for FAEServices:

Martin Podolszki 
Head of the FAE team
+ 49 (0) 6131 / 9221-32