We have been developing and manufacturing embedded components for reliable electronic series products in Germany since 1985.

Processor modules such as system on modules and single board computers as well as OEM products based on themProducts are our core business. Customer-specific embedded systems including software, housing design and assembly expand our product range. With our specialized know-how in embedded vision, IIoT solutions, cloud Services, embedded security and artificial intelligence, we are ideally positioned to provide you with professional support in the development of your product ideas.

Ours have proven themselves for many decades Products under the most demanding conditions, including in medical technology, traffic and transportation, the energy industry, avionics, building automation, drive technology, agricultural technology or the automotive industry.

Our Products and Services shorten your time-to-market and reduce both your development costs and your risks in the development and production of industrial embedded systems.

The family company employs over 400 people in 5 branches worldwide (as of 2023).



Ten good reasons
for a module from PHYTEC

Solid development know-how has developed over several decades since the company was founded in 1985. With typical clock rates in the gigahertz range, processor design also means high-frequency design with all its consequences.

Thanks to our close partnerships with internationally renowned processor manufacturers, we have very early and privileged access to all relevant information, including the latest processors. That is why we can present the associated modules shortly after the appearance of a new generation of processors.

Our Products are already prepared for most standard requirements and offer the appropriate software and hardware support to accelerate development. In addition, our FAE team and Custom Service will support you in developing your individual solution.

Development, testing and production are major items in the overall bill for a new series product. These costs can be reduced by purchasing the processor module. The series remains more economical, especially for small batch sizes. Thanks to DSC technology, many PHYTECProducts be offered more cost-effectively.

Our test systems for large quantities are particularly reliable and have proven themselves on a broad basis thanks to the wide range of applications. The use of our finished, tested modules thus reduces the overall risk.

These include security by design, image processing, industrial IoT, tests and approvals, specialized manufacturing, for example in the field of artificial intelligence and other topics. We are happy to support your project with these skills. In doing so, we always remain in our role as a qualified module manufacturer, take over parts in the hardware development if necessary and thus give you the opportunity to bring suitable industry solutions to the market quickly.

We offer know-how in many industry-specific accompanying topics. For example, the hardware can be equipped in such a way that it fulfills vibration and shock tests according to railway standards, corresponds to individual security requirements by design or is prepared for your individual software. We would be happy to support you as a partner in bringing the right industry solutions to market quickly.

Continuous software maintenance with current patches increases security. We keep the BSPs and the environment regularly up to date and make them available to you for a roll-out. At the beginning of development, the up-to-date version of the operating system is always used.

This means that fast developments, production with testing, application development and software maintenance are taken into account from the start. The software is based on the Yocto Project. The integrated and fully tested RAUC is available for maintenance and update purposes. The supplied BSP has an update strategy with roadmap planning, update integration, verification, test and roll-out.

In addition to the procurement of components and the quality-assured production of embedded components from modules to IoT gateways in Germany, we are also specialists in the area of ​​customer-specific embedded systems with adaptations for specific hardware, software and housing designs. We can even take care of assembling the individual device parts until the finished product is delivered. With our extensive development know-how in embedded vision, IoT solutions, cloud Services, embedded security and artificial intelligence, we are ideally positioned to provide you with professional support in the development of your product idea through to market launch.

PHYTEC in numbers

In 2018, PHYTEC had sales of around 65 Million Euro generated worldwide - and the trend is rising.

Worldwide develop and work more than 400 Employees for PHYTEC, including more than 300 in Germany.

Our 5 international locations are in Mainz, Seattle, Le Mans, Bangalore and Shenzen.

We handle an order volume of 1 - 300.000 Piece.

The PHYTEC Technology Campus® reported 10.000m2 in the Mainz-Hechtsheim business park 2021 .

Already 1985 founded Dipl.-Phys. Karl Neubecker founded the company PHYTEC Messtechnik in Mainz.

PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH has been owned by 3 managing directors, Michael Mitezki, Bodo Huber and Marcus Lickes.

To this day we count more than 6.000 Customers.

We have a proud wealth of experience from more than 5.500 projects in over 35 Years.

More than 6 Million Products have been since 1985 made in Germany.

PHYTEC Technology Campus®

In 2021, PHYTEC moved into the new PHYTEC Technology Campus in the Mainz-Hechtsheim business park. The campus offers 10.000 m with the first two buildings2 Office and production space. This creates new space to set trends in the embedded industry in the future and to expand Germany as a technology location.

International – We are directly represented by sister companies in the USA, France, India and China.






















PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
Barcelona avenue 1
55129 Mainz


203 Parfitt Way SW
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110



17, place St Etienne
F-72140 Sillé le Guillaume



PHYTEC Embedded Pvt. ltd
No. 1688, 2nd Sector, Opp. PEP
Bengaluru 560102



PHYTEC Information Technology Co. Ltd.
2106A, Block A, Tianxia Jinniu Square,
Taoyuan Road, Nanshan District,
518026 Shenzhen


Our story
Since 1985


Registration of the company PHYTEC measurement technology in the commercial register with its registered office at Donnersbergstrasse 32,
6500 Mainz-Hechtsheim
Managing director: Graduate physicist Karl Neubecker


First product
miniCON-52 (Intel 8051 microcontroller)


First ad
miniCON-188 (Intel 80188 microcontroller)


3 MA

to Vogelsbergstrasse 74, 6500 Mainz-Hechtsheim


5 MA

to Vogelsbergstrasse 73, 6500 Mainz-Hechtsheim


20 MA

to Philipp-Reis-Straße 3, 6500 Mainz-Hechtsheim


First trade fair appearance
at the Messcomp in Wiesbaden


PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
Managing director: Dipl.-Phys. Karl Neubecker


First development
• of image processing products with the pcGRABBER-1
• with a 16-bit controller (miniCON-196 with Intel 80C196)


30 MA

to Robert-Koch-Strasse 39, 6500 Mainz-Hechtsheim


First development
a smart camera (smartEYE-1)


PHYTEC America LLC in Seattle, United States
Managing Director: Tom Walker


First development
with DSPs (miniMODUL-DSP-C5X with Texas Instruments
TMS320C50) and modules with PC properties
(miniMODUL-386EX with Intel 386EX)


First development
with a 32-bit PowerPC (miniMODULPPC505 / 509 reported
Motorola MPC505 or MPC509)


First development
• A PC-AT, 32-bit module (miniMODUL-486 reported
  AMD Élan SC400 with Am486 core)
• Introduction of Rapid Development Kits


Death of the company founder
Dipl.-Phys. Karl Neubecker


PHYTEC Technologie Holding AG
by Karl Neubecker (company founder)
Appointed chairman of the board: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mitezki


First development
the phyCORE module family and start with the
phyCORE-MPC555 (PCM-001)


60 MA

of the company headquarters around a production hall


First development
of an ARM7 module (phyCORE AT91M55800A reported
ATMEL 91M55800A)


PHYTEC France SARL in Sillé le Guillaume, France
Managing Director: Damien Barrier


First development
of a module with Linux (phyCORE PXA270 with Intel
XScale PXA270)


120 MA

of additional office space and another hall


PHYTEC Embedded Pvt. ltd in Bangalore, India
Managing Director: Vallab Rao Baipalli (Vasu BV Rao)


PHYTEC Information Technology Co.Ltd. in Shenzhen, China Managing Director: Zhaojie (Danny) Wang


First development
of IoTProductsnot (IoT enablement kit 1 reported phyWAVE-KW2x and phyWAVE-CC26xx)


Expansion of the management
Appointment of Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Huber for the second
Managing director and new board member


Board announcement
In June 2024 Daniel Neubecker (son of the company founder) and Christian Waidner (son-in-law of the company founder) will be appointed to the board alongside Michael Mitezki and Bodo Huber, thus laying the foundation for PHYTEC to remain a family company in the future.


340 employees

PHYTEC Technology Campus®
10.000m2 production and office space


Expansion of the management
Appointment of Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marcus Lickes for the third
Managing Director

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