Pricing models

Transparent for your calculation

PHYTEC relies on transparency and predictability - from development costs to the prices of series products.

By reusing freely accessible partial solutions from other projects, you benefit from our long-term development services. Combined with our experience, we create attractive package deals within the shortest possible time, which clearly break down the scope of individual service packages.

Product prices _ Precisely calculated and binding for every order size

unit prices

Our cost estimates are so precise that subsequent adjustments can at best occur as a result of specification changes. We also show transparency in the unit prices of the series products. With the help of our calculation model, we reveal the purchase prices for the desired circuit components. PHYTEC promises the influence of the circuit components on the series price at an early stage and is binding. We are open to the agreement of price escalation clauses and are continuously committed to achieving cost reductions for your projects.

Best Offers

We also offer you graduated prices which are extremely competitive thanks to our own production and short distances in-house.

Sample prices

Our sample prices apply to our development kits (including accessories for commissioning). For example, the sample price of the phyBOARD-Wega / AM3354 kit includes not only the SBC suitable for series production and a board support package adapted to the hardware, but also an HDMI adapter, a power supply unit, cable and a QuickStart Guide.

PHYTEC sponsors these kits. This gives you the chance to get to know our SBCs and PHYTEC support without extensive investments. You can find out to what extent our solution can be used in series for your project. And PHYTEC has the chance to convince you of our preliminary work for your project, of the manufacturing quality of the SBCs and of our software in the form of the BSP supplied.

The serial prices of the phyBOARDs are not dependent on the sample prices. The purchase quantities for development kits are limited.

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