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One footprint – three modules

The phyCORE modules with the new processors i.MX 93 by NXP and STM32MP13x from ST have the same pinout as that phyCORE-i.MX 6UL. This pin compatibility will make it possible in the future to change the module during the current product life cycle without redesigning the base board. For example, projects can initially be implemented with the low-cost module phyCORE-STM32MP13x and later, when new requirements arise, simply migrated to the more powerful phyCORE-i.MX 93. The phyCORE-i.MX 93 has two Cortex-A55 and a Cortex-M33 onboard MCU as well as an ARM® Ethos™ NPU for machine learning applications. The new module with the STM32MP13x has a Cortex-A7 and the Arm® NEON™ SIMD extension for accelerating multimedia and signal processing algorithms. All three modules are soldered modules without connectors (direct solder). This brings both a price advantage of up to 20% and a space advantage, since these phyCOREs have a very low installation height.

Industrial modules from PHYTEC

In industrial applications, the robustness of the components and the availability of the appropriate protocols and interfaces are particularly important. In the future, Phytec will offer new phyCORE modules with the Texas Instruments processors AM62x and AM64x for this area.

The phyCORE AM64x is a robust and reliable headless embedded solution for industrial communication systems. The 50mm x 37mm SOM has an extensive 280-pin interconnect that supports common communication protocols such as CAN, EtherCAT, UART, I2C, but also automation-specific interfaces such as ePWM, eCAP and eQEP.

The phyCORE AM62x offers ultra-low-power modes, dual-display, multi-sensor edge computing, security, and other BOM-saving integrations. It targets a wide range of applications such as industrial HMI, PLC/CNC/robot control, medical devices, building automation and more.

IoT gateways phyGATE®-Tauri-S and Tauri L

Our IoT gateways are ideally suited for new Industry 4.0 and retrofit solutions. You are fully prepared for smart data analysis and controlling use, including cloud connection and security devices. We would be happy to show you the possibility of individual labeling and packaging.

Professional image processing solutions

PHYTEC successfully integrates image processing in series devices. Our experts will conduct a live system analysis with you, starting with the requirements for optics, cameras and hardware, right through to the software.

Update and device management – this keeps your hardware fit for the future

With our device maintenance functions, you are always on the safe side even after purchase. You can remotely manage data, maintain devices, troubleshoot errors, or incorporate enhanced features. We provide you with compact information about individual solutions for PHYTEC-based Products. 

Embedded security Your devices are always safe

Our experts will give you an overview of the current technologies as well as future developments for security and updating of networked devices. You will learn how security gaps can be closed or applications can be protected from attacks.