Made in Germany

in Mainz 

The production and assembly of your electronics at our location in Mainz ensures you a particularly reliable and flexible series delivery with the highest quality for a long service life Products:

  • Flexible production capacities from 1 to 300.000 pieces
  • State-of-the-art production and quality assurance systems
  • Visual inspection and comprehensive function tests
  • Traceability of the delivery batches and components
  • Development and production from a single source



Top quality _ through cooperation between development, quality and production management

Production and assembly require a high degree of precision and flexibility from our employees and production management in order to optimally utilize the machines. Autonomously operating teams for SMD production (Surface Mounted Devices), THT production (Through Hole Technology) and the test field enable us to complete all production orders in an interlinked and variable manner.

  • Our manufacturing capacity is 200.000 to 500.000 boards per year for lot sizes between 100 and 5.000 pieces.
  • We typically manufacture with SMD assembly on both sides (Surface Mounted Devices).
  • Our wave soldering machines are designed for traditional THT (Through Hole Technology) used.
  • A mixed assembly with SMD and THT can be produced with the selective soldering system.
  • Our test procedure consists of AOI, visual inspection, boundary scan and functional test individual software for our hardware.
  • If necessary, go through ours Products also one X-ray test.
  • For the accelerated implementation of functional tests, we use a self-developed Framework .
  • All test results are in a MySQL database documented.
  • Using a 2D data matrix code, the assignment of test results to production orders and Productsn possible at any time.
  • This is clear from the database records Traceability used delivery batches except for component batches.
  • TÜV-tested management system according to ISO 9001: 2015

The European regulation on the registration, evaluation and approval of chemicals (REACH) aims to minimize environmental and health risks when using chemicals.

In the sense of REACH/ChemRRV, our company is a so-called “downstream user”. Our products do not release chemicals under normal and reasonably foreseeable use, and our products do not contain any chemicals Products According to our current knowledge, there are no “substances of very high concern” (SVHC) according to the candidate list of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) regarding REACH and the prohibited list regarding ChemRRV.

PHYTEC has a list of substances in which all substances and preparations we use are listed and checked in accordance with the above regulations.

State-of-the-art systems _ for the highest quality standards

State-of-the-art production and quality assurance systems ensure maximum efficiency and an excellent level of quality. We would be happy to show you our systems for electronics production on your next visit to PHYTEC.

  • 13x Pick and place machines (Samsung SM471 plus, SM471, SM482, SM411, SM421)
  • 5x SPI system (Koh Young SPI Aspire, KY-3020T)
  • 3x AOI system (Koh Young 3D AOI, Viscom Ultra 3D)
  • 2x X-ray system (GE Phoenix micromex)
  • 7x Fully automatic Paste printer (EKRA)
  • 6x Vapor phase reflow soldering systems (ASSCON)
  • 2x dispenser (Camalot 1818, inline Asymtek)
  • 4x Selective soldering systems (Epso SPA 400-NC, ZipaTec Select)
  • 2x Wave soldering systems (Ersa Powerflow, EWS-330)
  • 16x Boundary scan test systems (goepel)

Visual inspection _ Only absolutely reliable and tested ones Products leave our factory

All boards produced undergo a visual inspection and a function test, during which the desired customer applications are usually loaded into the product.

Product assembly _ at our location in Mainz

Rotating assembly tables are our flexible counterpart to the assembly line. The basic idea is simple: as few material movements as possible and structured individual steps that are clear and comprehensible and reduce the time required for assembly. The use of modern torque measuring tools etc. is a matter of course.

How do you get from your idea to a professional series product?


Arrange a free project workshop with us.
Tell us your product idea or send us your specifications.
In the workshop we work out your optimal solution together.