update and 
device management

simple, safe, transparent

With our update and device management options Products Your devices remain up to date and ready for use even after purchase - we offer you a flexible ready-made solution with the IoT suite or an individual but still affordable solution with RAUC/hawkBit.

The goal of both solutions: secure access to your machines, vehicles and other applications at any time and worldwide in order to read out data, maintain it, fix errors or add improved functions. No matter whether for a small number of devices or a large machine/vehicle fleet, for ours Products There are system solutions prepared for this.



    Secure remote access
    – indispensable in the IoT age

    Much of what used to have to be done manually on site can now be done remotely quickly and easily:


    • Permanent remote access to monitor devices, machines or vehicles at any time.
    • Secure updates for the integration of new functions and the elimination of errors or security gaps.
    • Smart customer management around inserted ones Products to always be equipped with new features, which creates long-term, satisfied customer loyalty.

    All in one or individual?
    Choose according to your requirements

    IoT Suite – all-in-one solution:

    The flexible turnkey solution from OSB connagtive enables you to use a proven, directly available management system. The suite already includes many useful features and is available without your own investment risk, but with the option of individual adjustments.

    Open source, self-hosted hawkBit server with RAUC client: 

    With the combination of RAUC as a secure update client and hawkBit as an update server, all the technical requirements for the self-hosted in-house development of an update and device management system are already in place. Our FAE team and security consultants are at your side as optimal support for your development.

    Configure directly one of the preinstalled options

    The RAUC update client and RAUC hawkBit updater are already integrated in every operating system of our hardware products. We can also pre-install the client for using the IoT Suite for your devices if required.

    At the plant in Mainz, security keys and certificates are installed directly in series production. A special security zone guarantees maximum protection here.

    As soon as the end devices equipped with an update client are connected to the update server, a registered user can connect to the server via a web browser and manage the devices and their software updates.

       All Products from Phytec contain an update and device management solution. Product manager Yves Astein explains the options.

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