Product lifecycle management

Long term guarantee for
Quality & delivery security

PHYTEC is your industrial partner, long-term availability is one of our most important goals and, if possible, unchanged over the entire lifespan of each product series. At the same time, you can fully concentrate on creating new ones Products and develop product generations.

All components are selected on the basis of intensive component research and in close contact with manufacturers and suppliers with our knowledge of current technologies and developments.



Product care _ throughout the entire life cycle

Marcus Lickes
Head of Development

"Our experienced team supports everyone Products over the entire life cycle. So will ours and yours too Products Maintained over many years with consistently high quality."

Product change notifications

The manufacturers' PCNs are monitored by a dedicated team at PHYTEC, which takes care of component changes and discontinuations and initiates the timely procurement of alternatives.

If a 100 percent replacement is not available for a component in terms of form, fit and function, we will carry out the adjustment with the aim of a functionally identical overall product and inform you. Product change notifications according to the JEDEC standard, agreed product maintenance cycles and the bundling of component releases keep your effort to adapt Products small amount. At the same time, you benefit from technological developments.

Last-time buy

For customer-specific Productsn Our customers may even only give their approval after sending a release sample. If product adjustment is not desired, the storage strategy can be changed accordingly. In this case, PHYTEC takes care of the necessary last-time buy for you and stores components taking into account maximum storage times - if necessary with long-term preservation.

CLT maintenance

We also take care of updating the software we provide and develop for future operating systems and interfaces. As a result, with our forward-looking strategy for product lifecycle management, we achieve an optimal compromise between performance, security and availability and your costs Products over the entire life cycle. We guarantee long-term availability and compliance with delivery dates, standards and certifications.

Strategic Purchasing

Constant market observation throughout the entire life cycle ensures that all components for your solution are available as required and that any changes that arise are caught early on. The purchasing department operates worldwide in order to procure components, even if these are scarce or possibly even already discontinued. The purchase of regular goods always comes first.

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