The AM335x module is directly soldered onto this compact single board computer in Pico-ITX format.

  • AM3354 with 800 MHz
  • Module soldered on directly
  • 2x Ethernet
  • 2x RS-232, 1x CAN
  • Expansion bus for extensions
  • 5 V or 12 V - 24 V.



100 mm x 72 mm

ARM Cortex-A8

The phyBOARD-Wega in Pico-ITX format (100 mm x 72 mm) is the tiny among the phyBOARDs. A subset is brought out directly to the phyBOARD at interfaces, which is completely sufficient for many applications. In addition, the AM335x single board computer can be modularly expanded using expansion strips. The phyCORE-AM3354 module (in its DSC variant) with ARM Cortex-A8 processor is soldered directly to the phyBOARD-Wega and thus the costs of the overall solution are further reduced.

A number of signals from the AM335x processor are routed to an expansion connector that is intended for plugging in customer-specific circuits. These process connections can easily be implemented by the customer himself. For the customer-specific combination of an individual system, further interfaces are provided on connector strips, such as CAN, RS-232, audio and touch. Connect display and touch efficiently, for this purpose the parallel display interface and the connection of a resistive touch to the AM335x are available. Alternatively, capacitive touches can be connected.

Module phyCORE-AM335x
SOM Mounting Soldered (DSC)
Processor AM3354
Architecture ARM Cortex-A8
Frequency 800 MHz - 1 GHz
NAND Flash 128 MB - 512 MB
DDR3 RAM 256 MB - 512 MB
Ethernet 2x 10/100BASE-T
WiFi via optional Adapter PEB-WLBT-01
Bluetooth via optional Adapter PEB-WLBT-01
USB 1x OTG, 1x Host
Serial 2x RS-232
CAN 1x
MMC/SD/SDIO microSD Card Slot
Display Parallel (via optional Display Adapter PEB-AV-02),
HDMI via HDMI Adapter PEB-AV-01
Expansion Bus UART 0, SPI 0, I²C 0, JTAG, MMC 2, UART 2, UART 3, GPIOs, Interrupt, Reset, Analog Inputs
User Control Elements 1x Reset Button
Boot Source SD Card, NAND Flash
RTC Goldcap for module RTC
Power supply 5 V or 12 V - 24 V
Dimensions 100 mm x 72 mm (Pico-ITX format)
Temperature range 0 °C to +70 °C
Operating system Linux (Yocto based)


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phyBOARD®-Wega, Low Cost 5V

Item No. PB-00802

phyBOARD®-Wega, Full Featured 12V-24V

Item No. PB-00802

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