ESEQuant Flex _ Embedded system for fluorescence-based detection systems in medical diagnostics

DIALUNOX has been a leading developer and manufacturer of reflective and fluorescence-based detection systems in medical diagnostics for over 20 years.

For a new generation of the OEM Lateral Flow Reader "ESEQuant Flex", PHYTEC has developed the device electronics from specification in close cooperation with DIALUNOX. By using the finished processor and camera modules phyCORE-i.MX 6 and VM-011, on the one hand, development costs were reduced and, on the other hand, essential parts of product maintenance in the series could be outsourced.


  • State-of-the-art rapid test reader for lateral flow tests
  • can be used for many different tests
  • precise measurement technology for diagnostics


  • Development of the entire device electronics in close cooperation with DIALUNOX
  • Use of the standard components phyCORE-i.MX 6 and camera module VM-011
  • Production of serial hardware

Customer feedback _ The satisfaction of our customers is paramount

dr Juha Koota
Senior Systems Engineer

R&D Systems Engineering and Optics,
PON instrumentation

“When we started developing the ESEQuant Flex in retrospect, Phytec was exactly the right partner for us. The development kits and support gave us a flying start. Later in the electronics sub-project, the constructive and open cooperation enabled us to bring a great product to the market in a short time. Typically, you plan a few loops in a development project - here in the project with Phytec, apart from small detail adjustments, virtually everything was carried out in one go. I've never seen it like this in my career. "

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