1-day training
i.MX 8 product family


To get you started with the new i.MX 8 processor generation, we offer, together with NXP, product training courses where the processors, modules and kits are presented. Together with our developers and the manufacturer's experts, you will find the right processor and the best way to start developing your projects at the appointments. Embedded imaging and the implementation of voice controls are presented as two possible areas of application for the processors. The training also provides the basics for working with the Yocto Board Support Package.

Training objectives:
You will get to know the i.MX 8 family including current schedules to make it easier to get started with your project. You will also get a first look at the Yocto packages as well as expansion options through embedded imaging and voice control.

Graduate engineer (FH) Ralf Orschau - Head of Sales,
Martin Podolszki - Team Leader AE / Project Manager IoT,
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Klahr - Head of BV,
Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. Martin Wenzel - CO, (Voice Interconnect GmbH),
NXP, Field Application Engineer

Training package:
+ All-day catering
+ Training documents
+ Development status of the phyCORE-i.MX 8 family
+ Insight into the Yocto packages
+ phyBOARD Polis i.MX 8M Mini Kit

Here in Mainz: € 199 per person plus VAT.
Robert-Koch-Str. 39 55129 Mainz

At your company: € 2.800 (plus VAT.)

Opening address

  • Introductory round of speakers and participants

Presentation of the three different i.MX 8 variants

Expert discussions over coffee and snacks

Yocto and the Phytec Linux BSP

  • An overview of the kit content and quick start

  • phyLinux or where does my BSP come from?

  • Yocto - add packages

  • "DeviceTree" - the key to your own PinOut

Lunch break -
Project talks with FAE / development

Use case 1

  • Voice control with the i.MX 8 family - with our partner voice INTER connect

The i.MX 8 SOMs and our support

  • The base board as the perfect template

  • The modules and their possibilities

  • phyBOARD-Polaris SBC / KIT

Break and project discussions

Use case 2

  • Embedded imaging with the i.MX 8 family

  • Suitability of the variants for image processing

Open end
Questions / answers about creating your own BSP