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Our experts know our hardware by heart and therefore also know the best interfaces to your software. During device development support among others with knowledge of the use of KI, security, IoT, Low Power Solutions, update mechanisms and successful prototypes for most popular product.

In this way, your project is secured from the start through successful development to long-term maintenance. You can start at any stage of development with PHYTEC to bring your product safely in the series. During the Embedded World are expert discussions activated directly through push - you can be connected directly for your questions.

The newest Development Kit:

phyBOARD®-Pollux AI kit

Development platform with i.MX 8M Plus
Learn more...

phyBOARD®-Pollux Imaging kit

Development platform with i.MX 8M Plus
Learn more...

Voice Control 2 kit

Development platform for voice control
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The latest i.MX 8 Processing systems: 

phyCORE®-i.MX 8M Plus

The "smartest" i.MX 8 module
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SBC with the new i.MX 8M Plus
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Intelligent and future-proof control unit
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Ralf Orschau
Head of Sales

Axel Berghoff
Corporate customer acquisition

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online session_ Exciting presentations by PHYTEC experts on Embedded World 2021

"What's new at PHYTEC?" + Q&A

Ralf Orschau, Head of Sales
Marcus Lickes, Head of Development

"The i.MX 8 experts" + Q&A

Kirstin Weiler, Head of Sales DACH
Marc Dzierzawa, Head of Development
Christian Hemp, Senior Developer

"A new approach in working with Linux" + Q&A

Yves Astein, product management

Online seminars _ Useful knowledge from our embedded experts

Data Scientist Dr. Jan Werth explains how an AI process works and
why AI brings extra advantages with embedded components.

+ Exclusive ki kit offer

From the idea
to the series

From the product idea to series production - regardless of the phase
Your project you are currently in, with us you can bring your idea into series production quickly and successfully.

On the basis of our hardware you will find the individually suitable scope of services for the completion of your project in every development phase. The wealth of experience of our developers and experts with our modern production systems always guarantees you high-quality embedded systems as the end product.


image   Project discussion
image   Time management coordination
image   Specification creation
image   Risk Analysis
image   Best possible solutions

    Advice center
    Project workshop
    online seminars
    Education + training
    Development kits
    Agile engineering


image   Optimal selection of components
image   Individual design Services
image   Functional model
image   Schematic review
image   Kit commissioning guarantee

    Your prototype
    Custom SOM
    Custom SBC
    Custom O.E.M
    embedded security
    Artificial intelligence

Series developmentphase

image   Baseboard development
image   Desired adjustments
image   Software test rack
image   Entrance exams

    BSP adjustments
    Product certifications
    Test procedure
    Agile engineering

The seriesphase

image   Quality Management
image   Traceability
image   Product change management
image   Green Label
image   After Sales Service

    Made in Germany
    Update + device management
    SW lifecycle management
    Long term availability
    Individual delivery models

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